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Guidelines for oral and poster presentations

Oral presentations

  1. Your talk is scheduled for 12 minutes plus 3 minutes for questions and discussion, in case of keynote lectures it is 25 minutes plus 5, respectively.
  2. Only presentations using MS Powerpoint format (.ppt or .pptx) or Adobe PDF format (.pdf) can be displayed. If you use other programs to generate your slides, please convert them to the appropriate format and test in MS Windows environment.
  3. To avoid compatibility problems and a loss of time, only one stationary computer will be in use in the lecture hall. Please do not try to use your own computer/tablet for your presentation. Deliver your presentation on a USB key or drive. Presentations will be uploaded by a technician responsible for a given session, so contact him not later than 20 minutes before the relevant session start.
  4. For any questions or nonstandard requirements connected with your presentation please contact us by e-mail.

Some suggestions for your oral presentation:

  • Use sans-serif 16 to 20 point fonts for text or numbers; use readable graphics; use short clear text.
  • Remember that people cannot read and listen at the same time.
  • Show information piece by piece, build to the conclusion.
  • Plan not more than one slide for each minute of talk.

Poster presentations

  1. Each poster session consists of plenary presentation followed by personal discussion beside your poster. To make the poster session effective, the plenary presentation will be constructed by the organizers from earlier delivered individual slides.
  2. Your poster talk is scheduled for two-slide presentation (.ppt or .pdf format) with maximum one minute of speaking time. The first slide including author’s name and affiliation as well as poster title, will be prepared by the organizers on the basis of the submitted abstract. The second slide with essential results/conlusion will be prepared by the author or authors. Please send us this slide via e-mail not later than 15 July 2016.
  3. There will be two poster sessions (Tuesday and Thursday). Each poster is assigned to one of these sessions. You may put posters on display since Sunday registration, 24 July. Posters have to be removed no later than on Friday 29 July, 3 p.m.
  4. The poster maximum size is A0 portrait (width x height = 84 cm x 119 cm).
  5. We will provide removable poster strips for mounting the posters on the display panels. Please only use these strips and no other adhesive tapes!